About Us

Pro-Ed Australia is since 1987 an Australian family-owned company, acting as both a retailer and a distributor, generally for overseas publishers.

We specialise in assessments in the areas of Speech-Language Pathology, Special Education and Rehabilitation, Psychology and Counselling, Occupational and Physical Therapy, and Early Childhood. Our catalogue includes an extensive range of Therapy and Curricular materials and Resource and Reference texts for professionals working not just within these fields, but also in Audiology, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and Singing/Voice, and includes materials for parents, carers and families.

Pro-Ed Australia acts as distribution agent for

  • Pro-Ed Inc
  • LinguiSystems
  • Plural Publishing
  • Academic Therapy
  • Compton Publishing
  • J&R Press
  • Jerome M. Sattler, Publisher Inc.
  • Literacy Plus
  • Northern Speech Services (NSS)
  • Stuttering Therapy Services
  • Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss
  • TalkTools
  • Worrybusters

While our range of materials for speech pathologists is probably the largest available in Australia, we also have many resources for teachers and parents looking for answers about autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), ADHD, learning disabilities, deaf and hard of hearing, behavioural and emotional disorders, neurological disorders, and transition from education to vocation.

We endeavour to always give the best in personal service and ensure that our prices are extremely competitive. Please feel free to ring and speak to us about what you may be searching for, or what we might do to improve our service to you.

ABN 31 008 118 518

P.O.BOX 3161

PHONE 07 5593 8966

EMAIL  admin@proedaust.com.au