Case Management and Rehabilitation Counseling

Case Management and Rehabilitation Counseling

Procedures and Techniques

Fourth Edition

Richard T. Roessler and Stanford E. Rubin


Case Management and Rehabilitation Counseling discusses procedures that are useful to rehabilitation professionals working in many settings. Specifically, this book reviews the finer points relating to diagnosing, arranging services, monitoring program outcomes, arranging for placement, planning for accommodations, ethical decision making, dealing with multicultural issues, and managing caseloads. This is an excellent reference text for any practicing professional or graduate student.


The fourth edition expands the amount of information devoted to multicultural considerations in counselling, family involvement in the rehabilitation process, and reasonable accommodation in the workplace. The reader gains an understanding of counselling and case management skills, as well as familiarity with job restructuring and workplace accommodations. Without coverage of these important topics, the text would leave today's students of rehabilitation with only a partial understanding of their roles. Students must appreciate the impact of cultural factors on the counselling process and outcomes, the role of the family in improving the results of rehabilitation services, and the importance of improving person/environment congruence through identification of barriers to productivity and provision of accommod-ations to remove those barriers.


Select this book as a textbook for courses in rehabilitation education programs, specifically courses in rehabilitation counselling/case management and supervised practicum. For the latter area, the book structures a series of experiences that students should complete during their field placements. Ideally, as students study chapters on intake interviewing; medical, psychological, and vocational evaluations; information processing and rehabilitation planning; placement; accommodation planning; ethical decision making; multicultural counselling; and caseload management, they should participate in related field experiences. Students would have an opportunity for first-hand practice of the principles stated in the time-testedCase Management and Rehabilitation Counseling.


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