Communication Development and Disorders for Partners in Service

Communication Development and Disorders for Partners in Service offers an introduction to topics related to typical and atypical language development considered most important to those with the potential to participate in the clinical service provision continuum. Topics include:

  • definition and description of language
  • theories of language development
  • precursors for language development
  • language skills, which includes prelinguistic, earlier and later linguistic, and metalinguistic
  • collaborative professional relationships
  • language delays, disorders, and differences
  • aspects of the process of evaluation
  • aspects of the process of intervention

Communication Development and Disorders for Partners in Service equips participants in the service provision continuum to describe the components of language; interpret the implications of theories of language for interaction, evaluation, and intervention; describe the accomplishments in typical language development; compare and contrast typical with atypical language development; and describe the continuum of evaluation and intervention with appreciation of their contributions to this process.

  • Preface.
  • Description Language:
    • Definition and of Components.
  • Language
    • Theories of Language Development.
    • Precursors for Language Development.
  • Language Development:
    • Prelinguistic Skills.
    • Earlier Linguistic Skills.
    • Later Linguistic Skills.
    • Metalinguistic Skills.
  • Language:
    • Delays, Disorders, and Differences.
    • Relationships in Service Provision.
    • The Process of Evaluation.
    • The Process of Intervention.
      Cheryl D. Gunter, Mareile A. Koenig
      304 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 8.5 x 11"
      Release Date:
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