Endoscopic Ear Surgery

Endoscopic techniques have encouraged the development of minimally invasive procedures and have revolutionized many surgical specialties. Otology is no exception.

Endoscopic Ear Surgery explores the emerging role of endoscopy in the evolution of otologic surgery and details both basic and advanced endoscopic ear surgery techniques. Rich with color images, this text addresses commonly encountered difficulties in chronic ear surgery and explains how endoscope-assisted surgical techniques can help. The use of endoscopes has given rise to the concept of “functional endoscopic ear surgery,” which helps reduce cholesteatoma recurrence rates while allowing less invasive, more physiologic surgical approaches.

Key features include:

  • Principles of endoscopic ear surgery, endoscopic lateral skull base surgery, office-based endoscopic otology, and cochlear endoscopy;
  • Evolving concepts in middle ear physiology and ventilation routes;
  • Tips and pearls on basic and advanced endoscopic ear surgery techniques by veteran surgeons who have helped define the field; and
  • Hybrid microscopic-endoscopic surgical techniques.

Endoscopic Ear Surgery is the definitive resource for temporal bone surgeons and skull base surgeons who would like to acquire or fine tune their endoscopic ear surgery skills.

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