Functional Phonetics Workbook

Students majoring in communicative disorders typically are required to complete one semester of undergraduate training in phonetics. To help students be successful in learning phonetics, it is essential to present the IPA in a simplified, useful manner. The user-friendly Functional Phonetics Workbook, now in its second edition, meets this need. The basics of learning the IPA are emphasized so that students can be successful and confident at IPA transcription.
The workbook includes easy-to-use phoneme study cards, which help students learn the symbol/sound association using the IPA. Also included are clear diagrams illustrating how sounds are produced and two CDs of transcription exercises related to the study cards.

For the second edition, the author has added learning objectives to every chapter, each of which are followed by study questions to reinforce learning, a glossary of terms, additional transcription exercises for Central Vowels, and a third CD containing convenient Phoneme Study Card audio tracks for ease of access to study cards when reviewing sound/symbol association for IPA phonemes