Hammill Multiability Achievement Test (HAMAT)

Hammill Multiability Achievement Test (HAMAT)

Don Hammill, Wayne Hresko, Jerome Ammer, Mary Cronin and Sally Quinby


· Ages: 7-0 through 17-11 Years

· Testing Time: 30 to ­60 minutes

· Administration: Individual


The Hammill Multiability Achievement Test (HAMAT) is one of the most content-driven achievement tests available today. The HAMAT is designed to be used by psychologists, educational diagnosticians, counsellors, and other professionals concerned with the assessment of academic achievement. The HAMAT provides four expertly designed subtests in the areas of most interest: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Facts. The content of these subtests was derived from extensive, careful, and comprehensive review of curricular materials, in-depth consultation with school personnel, and analysis of popular group- and individually administered achievement tests. As a result, PRO-ED can now provide test users with exactly what they have been asking for: a quick, timely assessment of student ability that accurately reflects the content of today’s school curriculum:


Most states require examiners to compute discrepancy scores between IQ and some achievement score as part of the process used to qualify individuals for services within the classification of Learning Disability. Because most states require the use of three methods to test the degree of underachievement, the HAMAT manual presents all methods used for calculating discrepancy scores. That means discrepancy scores can be calculated to make comparisons between HAMAT scores and the scores from virtually all of the popular tests of cognitive aptitude.


COMPLETE HAMAT KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, 25 Form A Student Response Booklets, 25 Form B Student Response Booklets, 25 Form A Profile/Examiner Record Forms, and 25 Form B Profile/Examiner Record Forms, all in a sturdy storage box. (©1998)


8650...HAMAT Complete Kit      
8651...HAMAT Examiner’s Manual
8652...HAMAT Form A Student Response Booklet
8653...HAMAT Form B Student Response Booklet
8654...HAMAT Form A Profile/Examiner Record Form  
8655...HAMAT Form B Profile/Examiner Record Form