Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Toward Full Community Inclusion

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Toward Full Community Inclusion

Third Edition


Previously published as Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, this premier text has been significantly expanded and contemporised. The third edition reflects the many changes which have occurred in terms of law, legal actions, and changes in policy and practices throughout the field.


The term mental retardation is rapidly disappearing in many circles and being replaced by the term intellectual disabilities. Parents and professionals are placing an increased emphasis on the use of supports, person-centred planning, self-determination, and consumer-driven controls over funds. Additionally, the importance of full community inclusion is being stressed more than ever. Full community inclusion, whether it is in education, living, or school environments, is a major theme throughout the book.


The book is arranged in terms of a lifespan perspective on developmental disabilities. It contains a section on service and program issues, as well as personal perspectives from several individuals with disabilities or family members of those with disabilities. A number of new chapters have been added and those chapters that have been updated reflect new information that will be very useful to students in training and practitioners in the field.


The contents of this comprehensive book directly addresses the spectrum of information that service providers, teachers, counsellors, and students in the fields of developmental disabilities, special education, rehabilitation, and psychology need to know in order to advocate for the best quality services in their community.


576 pages • ©2005 • hardcover


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