Just for Kids: Phonological Processing

Just for Kids: Phonological Processing

Ages 4-9 years

Twenty-two themed lessons target these phonological processes:

  • Velar fronting (k,g)
  • Cluster reduction (l, s, r)
  • Final consonant deletion
  • Liquid gliding (l, r)
  • Syllable reduction
  • Stridency deletion (f, v, sh, ch, j, s, z)

Each lesson consists of:

The 30 words on the test are not theme-related, allowing you to determine if the child has begun to generalize the new contexts.


Target Word List
These themed words contain the target phonological process and associated phonemes and are used throughout the lesson. 

Activities and Role Play
Practice using the target words in interactive activities like pretend play, games, crafts, and cooking.     

Family Letter
Introduce the phonological process and theme to families and give them ideas for practice of the target words in home activities. 

Reproducible Picture Card
There are ten reproducible picture cards depicting the targeted phonological process.  Use the pictures for drill, activities, home practice, and card games.

Rebus Story
Pictures of targeted words are incorporated into a themed story.  The child may "read along" with the pictures and retell the story in her own words. 

Sequence Story
A four-part story provides multiple opportunities for practicing the targeted phonological processes.  Make a book with the pictures and practice story telling. 

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