No Glamour® Grammar Cards

No-Glamour® Grammar Cards

Ages 5-11 years

The skill areas are sequenced by task complexity.  Each card has six questions on the back.  The last question on each card asks the student to repair incorrect grammar.  The ten major skills areas are:

Copula Is/Are
What shape is the pizza?  The pizza is round.

Has/Have, Do/Does
What pet does Keesha have to keep her company?  She has a cat.

Pronouns, Possessive Nouns
What are these children riding in?  They are riding in a bus.

Present Tense
The candles on Rosa's cake are lit.  What does she do with the candles?  She blows them out.

Regular/Irregular Plurals
What do the valentines have on them?  They have hearts on them.

Regular/Irregular Past Tense
Kortney baked a pie for a contest.  What did Kortney bake?  She baked a pie.

Is the boy frowning?  No, he is not frowning.

These teddy bears are old.  Which one is the oldest?  This one (right) is the oldest.

Questions Level 1
Ask me why the children are barefoot.  Why are the children barefoot?

Questions Level 2
Ask me if these children are wearing costumes.  Are these children wearing costumes?


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200 4" x 6" double-sided, picture/stimuli coated cards; 10 instruction cards
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