No Glamour Vowels

Ages: 3-12
Grades: PreK-7

No more searching for materials to develop vowel sounds! This convenient resource has materials and treatment techniques for all the vowels and diphthongs at all levels of ability.

Use No-Glamour Vowels for childhood apraxia of speech, severe articulation disorders, and English Language Learners. The expansive content includes:

  • hundreds of pages of picture-based activities progressing through establishment, words, phrases, sentences, and generalization
  • hierarchy of simple to complex word shapes and contexts
  • stimuli loaded with the target vowel sound is ideal for practice and auditory bombardment
  • vowel screening tool
  • elicitation and establishment techniques
  • manner of production and ages of mastery for each vowel and diphthong
  • vowel placement chart
  • adaptations for home practice

The activities are organized into these units:

  • Long a
  • Short a
  • Long e
  • Short e
  • Long i
  • Short i
  • Long o
  • Short o
  • Hooked "u" (e.g., book)
  • Diphthong "ow"
  • Diphthong "oi"

Each unit uses a systematic progression of stimuli:

  • Single Word picture pages—twelve pictures/target words per page; organized by word shapes of increasing complexity
  • Word/Phrase/Sentences picture pages—four pictures/target words per page; each target word is trained in utterances of increasing length (e.g., ate, the dog ate, the dog ate everything on his plate); phrases and sentences are loaded with the target vowel sound; target words systematically increase in length and complexity
  • Word list—a practice list that includes the pictured words (on the Single Word and Word/Phrase/Sentences activity sheets) and additional words in VC, VCC, CV, CCV, CCCV, CVC, CCVC, CVCC, CCVCC, and CCCVC combinations
  • Generalization picture pages—illustrations with a short story or poem loaded with the target vowel sounds
  • Personalized Practice—each word is presented with a picture and blank lines so you can customize the practice to your client

The generalization and personal practice pages are on a CD that comes with the book. The CD contains an additional 176 printable pages of therapy materials in PDF format.