Phonological Fun Range

Phonological Fun

For Students Aged 3 - 7 years


Latest Research Findings:

   · Phonological awareness, ability to recognise and use the sounds that make up words, is a vital preliteracy skill. It includes such skills as rhyming, identifying the sounds and syllables that make up words and blending a list of sounds to make a word.

   · Children with well-developed phonological awareness skills have a solid foundation on which to build reading and writing skills at school. Students lacking these skills will not be able to develop fluent skills in reading and spelling regular alphabetic words.

   · Phonological awareness skills are mastered more effectively when a small group of letters and their sounds are included in games and activities.


Phonological Fun can be used informally or systematically by early childhood professionals with individuals and groups of children from age 3 years, and as a formal preliteracy skill program for children from 5 years. It caters for and enhances the skills of both advanced students and those experiencing difficulties. Based on current research, Phonological Fun is packed full of games and strategies children will clamour for. The ideal preliteracy tool.


Included in the Phonological Fun range:


Phonological FunBook

Including hundreds of parent, teacher and student friendly, fun activities. Available in Standard and Blackline (fully photocopiable) Version.

LP01...Standard FunBook 
LP02...Blackline FunBook   

Phonological FunTiles

Brightly coloured wooden tiles featuring key characters and letters from the FunBook to further maximise children's learning. FREE mini-totebag included.

LP03...Phonological FunTiles 

Phonological FunCharts

Large A2 full colour laminated charts, perfect for introducing concepts to class groups. An invaluable classroom aid.

LP05...Phonological FunCharts  
Phonological FunBags

Multicoloured totebags to store your 'Phon Fun' gear.

LP04...Phonological FunBags

Tuzzles Teach Phonological Fun Games

Sturdy wooden Phonological Fun games developed with Tuzzles Inc., Australia's leading puzzle developer. Four minituzzles in each. Catering for a huge range of skill development. Fantastic preschool fun!

Tuzzles Teach Phonological Fun Games

LP06...Syllable Fun       
LP07...Rhyming Fun  
LP08...Beginning Sounds Fun 

Save with our Value Pack combinations:

Phonological Fun Value Packs

LP09...Parent Value Pack   (Standard FunBook, FunTiles & FunBag)
LP10...Professional Value Pack #1 (FunBook Blackline, FunTiles & FunBag)

LP11...Professional Value Pack #2 (FunBook Blackline, FunTiles, The Literacy Plus CD, FunBag & FunCharts)
LP12...Set of 3 Tuzzle Talk Games

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