Bankson-Bernthal Test of Phonology (BBTOP)

Bankson-Bernthal Test of Phonology (BBTOP)
Nicholas W. Bankson and John E. Bernthal


Ages: 3-0 through 9-0 Years

Administration: Individual

Testing Time: 15-20 minutes


The BBTOP allows clinicians to assess a child’s articulation and phonology from three different points of view: a whole word accuracy analysis; a traditional consonant articulation analysis; and a phonological process analysis. Designed for preschool and school-age children, the BBTOP includes a colourful Picture Book containing 80 pictures, one for each test item, and an easel on which to place the book. You may interpret the results in the way that best describes the child’s performance and needs.


The Word Inventory, based on percentage of words correctly produced, quickly indicates if more in-depth analysis is needed. The Consonant Inventory, a traditional articulation assessment, examines misarticulations by individual segments in initial and final positions. The Phonological Process Inventory probes 10 of the most frequently occurring phonological processes: assimilation, gliding, cluster simplification, final consonant deletion, weak syllable deletion, deaffrication, stopping, vocalisation, depalatalisation, and fronting.


The Record Form makes scoring easy by including examples of all the common phonological processes observed for each target word in the standardisation sample. Practice phonological process scoring exercises are also provided in the manual, with examples drawn from many ages and levels of phonological accuracy.


COMPLETE BBTOP KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 Record Forms, and an easel, all in a carrying case.


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