Scissors, Glue and Grammar Too!

Scissors, Glue and Grammar Too!

This Scissors, Glue activity book has 40 lessons, each with:

  • easy-to-follow, scripted directions to elicit the target grammar form
  • a reproducible, full-page scene
  • reproducible pictures to cut out and paste onto the scene

Students use the target grammar structures to describe everyday events.  At the end of each lesson, the student has made a picture to take home for extra practice.  The lessons feature the same cast of characters, giving continuity to the lessons.  Family letters are provided to send home with the completed pictures. 

Teach these grammar forms:

  • present tense verbs (e.g., is walking, are walking) and past progressive verbs (e.g., was walking, were walking)
  • regular past tense verbs (e.g., kicked, jumped)and irregular past tense verbs (e.g., blew, bought)
  • third person singular verbs (e.g., listens, eats) and future tense verbs (e.g., will wash)
  • regular plurals (e.g., drums, bells,) and irregular plurals (e.g., children, men)
  • possessive nouns (e.g., Kim's, Brian's) and possessive pronouns (e.g., his, her)
  • subjective pronouns (e.g., I, he, she, it) and possessive pronouns (his, hers, theirs)
  • comparatives/superlatives (e.g., -er, -est)
  • negative (e.g., doesn't)
  • wh- questions (e.g., who, what, where)
  • interrogative reversal questions (e.g., Is it__? Are you__?)

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