Busy clinicians rely on the SPARC series for:

  • loads of pictures
  • lots of practice opportunities
  • convenience and portability
  • use with a variety of therapy approaches
  • systematic progression of activities

The picture-based activities are a springboard for practice at all levels of sound production:   

  • sounds in isolation (r and s)
  • sounds in syllables (r and s)
  • minimal pairs (cluster reduction, cluster substitution, vowelization, distortion, consonant deletion)
  • sounds in all positions of words (r, r blends, s, s blends)
  • sounds in phrases (r, r blends, s, s blends)
  • sounds in sentences (r, r blends, s, s blends)
  • carryover (r, r blends, s, s blends)

SPARC R and S is a huge 280-page compilation of pick-up-and-use activities and includes:

  • pretests for /r/ and /s/
  • auditory stimulation activities
  • elicitation techniques to help establish production of sounds
  • articulation activities packed with practice opportunities

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288 pages