Spotlight on Grammar 6-Book/CD Set

Spotlight on Grammar 6-Book/CD Set

Ages 8-11 years

Each book in this popular series has:

  • clear explanations of the grammar concepts
  • appealing one-page lessons with plenty of  practice activities
  • step-by-step progression in difficulty to build success and motivation
  • a pretest/posttest

Each book targets a specific grammar skill.  The books may be purchased as a 6-book set or individually.  The 6-book set consists of:

Spotlight on Grammar Adjectives and Adverbs
Learn about the many kinds of adjectives, from those that tell what kind and how many to those used to compare things.  Identify adverbs and use them to describe things and compare things.  Use tricky adverbs like good, well, badly, and worst, appropriately.  

Spotlight on Grammar Compound and Complex Sentences
Learn about noun-verb agreement and simple and compound subjects and predicates.  Learn the purpose of coordinating conjunctions and how they function to connect sentences and phrases.  Punctuate and write complex sentences and correct run-on sentences and sentence fragments. 

Spotlight on Grammar Nouns
Know the various types of nouns and the capitalization rules for them.  Become familiar with common, proper, concrete, abstract, compound, plural, and possessive nouns.

Spotlight on Grammar Pronouns
Understand and use possessive, reflexive, interrogative, demonstrative, relative, indefinite, subject, and object pronouns.  Correctly use some of the more challenging pronouns like I and me, their and they're, its and it's, and your and you're. 

Spotlight on Grammar Simple Sentences
Differentiate statements, commands, exclamations, and questions and punctuate them correctly.  Identify simple and complete subjects and predicates, direct objects, and indirect objects.

Spotlight on Grammar Verbs
Understand and use the correct verb tense.  Correctly use helping verbs, past participles, irregular verbs, linking verbs, contractions, and troublesome verb pairs like can/may and lie/lay.


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6-Book Set: each book 40 pages, pretest/posttest, answer key
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