The Big Book of Sounds

The Big Book of Sounds

The fifth edition of Big Book of Sounds has been organized with the speech-language clinician in mind. It includes easily-accessible remediation procedures, such as:

  • Special identification of the phoneme and the auditory discrimination of the sound
  • Suggestions for isolated production of the phoneme and client imitation of the pattern presented by the clinician
  • Syllable drills
  • Syllable rhymes
  • Word menus by category (e.g., people, things, places, food, creatures, etc.)
  • Rhyming
  • Short Sentences
  • Word menu enhancement
  • Nursery rhymes, riddles, and idioms
  • Tables with examples of syntactic structures and a menu of pronouns in common use

The materials in this book were gathered to give the clinician much-needed help in designing interesting therapy sessions. With the arduous burden of collecting therapy materials lightened, each session may be a pleasurable experience for the clinician as well as for the client.

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