The WORD Test 2 Adolescent

The WORD Test 2 Adolescent


·  Ages: 12-17 Years

·  Grades: 7-12

·  Testing Time: 30 minutes


A student's academic and social underachievement may have a linguistic basis. This diagnostic test of expressive vocabulary and semantics assesses a subject's facility with language and word meaning. The test surveys six semantic and vocabulary skills reflective of curriculum vocabulary as well as language usage in everyday life. Test results will give you insight into the semantic deficiencies of your students and show you where to focus your therapy.



Adolescents with language impairment may inadequately understand and interpret new words, even though sufficient context seems to be present. They fail to make the connection or draw conclusions from the meanings inherent in word and sentence combinations. These semantic difficulties pose true obstacles to school, social, and vocational success.



There are 15 items for each subtest. The test examiner presents all of the test items verbally.

·   Associations - Choose one semantically unrelated word from among four and explain the choice in relation to the category of the other three words. Tell me which word doesn't belong. Algebra, alibi, trigonometry, calculus. How are the others alike?

·   Synonyms - Give a one-word synonym for each stimulus word. Tell me another word for rotate.

·   Semantic Absurdities - Identify and repair an absurd statement. The ozone layer protects us from the harsh rays of the moon.

·   Antonyms - Express a one-word opposite for each stimulus item. What's the opposite of minimum?

·   Definitions - Define words. What is vegetation?

·   Flexible Word Use - Give multiple meanings for words. Tell me two meanings for the word addition?


Examiner Qualifications

The test should only be administered by a trained professional familiar with language disorders (e.g., speech-language pathologist, psychologist, teacher of the learning disabled, special education consultant). Paraprofessionals or support personnel cannot adequately administer and score the test.




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