UNIT-2 Universal Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

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Ages: 5-0 to 21-11
Testing Time: Abbreviated Battery: 10-15 minutes; Standard Batteries: 30 minutes; Full Scale Battery: 45-60 minutes
Administration: Individual


  • All new normative sample.
  • All new studies of reliability and validity, including studies of diagnostic accuracy, particularly rigorous techniques involving the computation of sensitivity, specificity, and receiver operating characteristics/area under the curve (ROC/AUC).
  • New upward extension of normative tables through age 21-11.
  • New Quantitative subtests replace Object Memory and Mazes.
  • Provides an entirely nonverbal stimulus-and-response administration format.
  • Offers Abbreviated Battery, Standard Battery With Memory, Standard Battery Without Memory, and Full Scale Battery.
  • Offers a wide breadth of use with exceptional students, including those with intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, and giftedness.
  • Provides a fair assessment of culturally and linguistically different examinees, including deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.
  • Reduces situational sources of test bias.
  • Incorporates full-color stimuli, manipulatives, and pointing response modes to engage examinees.
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