Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition (WALC)

WALC - Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition 

WALC 1: Aphasia Rehabilitation

Kathryn J. Tomlin 

· Ages: 14 - Adult 

Get exercises for:

l following commands         l vocabulary         l answering questions

l functional language           l matching and identification


222 pages, reproducible activities, answer key, (2002)

31625...WALC 1 Book

WALC 4: Everyday Reading

(Formerly Just for Adults: Survival Reading)

Laurie Bounds Keck 

· Ages: 14 - Adult 

Clients read and answer questions about realistic print, including:

l advertisements   l prescription labels l schedules

l maps                    l bills                          l receipts 

182 pages, reproducible activities, answer key, (2003)

31630...WALC 4 Book

WALC 5: Neurological Rehabilitation

(Formerly The Source for Neuro Rehab)

Lisa Arnold 

· Ages: Adults 

Give your clients functional language practise with exercises for:

l organisation          l verbal problem solving l abstract reasoning

l writing skills          l orientation and awareness of environment

l memory and attention skills 

180 pages, reproducible activities, answer key, (2003)

31631...WALC 5 Book

WALC 6: Functional Language

Leslie Bilik-Thompson 

· Ages: 14 - Adult 

The focus is on functional carryover activities that allow for the integration of language and cognitive skills in daily life. Activities include:

l temporal orientation              l spatial orientation

l nonverbal communication  l auditory comprehension

l verbal expression                  l oral-motor skills

l reading comprehension

313 pages, reproducible activities, answer key, (2004)

31632...WALC 6 Book

WALC 8: Word Finding

Kathryn J. Tomlin

 · Ages: Adults

Help clients meet their goals for mid– to high-level complexity word retrieval! The tasks are first-rate with multiple word retrieval strategies that have plenty of repetition, in the dependable Kathryn Tomlin format. 


· Answer questions that require convergent deduction, use of remote memory, and recall of specific information

· Stimulate effective coding and retrieval of words through categorisation

· Use word relationships to trigger word recall

· Develop effective strategies for confrontational naming 

189 pages, reproducible activities, answer key

31634...WALC 8 Book

WALC 9: Verbal & Visual Reasoning

Kathryn J. Tomlin  

· Ages: Adults

Verbal and visual reasoning and communication are highly interrelated. The exercises in this WALC “tease” out the integral parts and stimulate reasoning skills in clients with brain injury. You’ll find more to loke every time you pick up this book! 


· Improve thought organisation, convergent reasoning, logical thinking, insight, integration of information 

180 pages, answer key

31635...WALC 9 Book

WALC 10: Memory  

· Ages: 16-Adult

Alleviate your clients' frustration with memory loss with exercises that tap auditory and visual learning styles guaranteed to retrain memory skills.  

· Determine the client's strongest memory coding system (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) and use that information to develop compensatory and remedial strategies

· Use strategies to improve coding and retrieval of information, such as word/mental picture associations, chaining, chunking, and mnemonics

· Improve mental manipulation (i.e., flexibility) of information that is stored and retrieved

*WALC 10 was formerly known as The Source for Memory Exercises.

180 pages, Memory/Coding System Chart, answer key (2007)

31636...WALC 10 Book


WALC 11: Language for Home Activities  

· Ages: 16-Adult  

· Improve five critical cognitive skills within the context and framework of home and home maintenance activities in this newest WALC resource.  

· Retrain skills for language and cognitive processing, formulation, and expression using relevant, everyday vocabulary/content in the areas of word finding, organization of thought, categorization, reasoning, and picture/paragraph comprehension 

180 pages, reproducible activities, answer key (2007)

31637...WALC 11 Book
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