10 Minute ENT Consult

Hamid R. Djalilian
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Details: 592 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 4.5 x 8"
ISBN13: 978-1-59756-255-3
Release Date: 01/03/2009


Covering the full-range of disorders, this is the first book to help primary care physicians diagnose and treat ear, nose, and throat problems. With 60% of patients seen by primary care physician presenting with ENT disorders, the need for the book is clear.

It is easy-to-read, concise, and is uniquely symptom-based rather than disease-based, recognizing that patients will not present the primary care physician with any diagnoses. This book will guide the physician as to how to make the diagnosis, what other tests to order, how to decide on treatment, and what the warning signs are for referral to a specialist. Each chapter is based on a symptom and has algorithms for quick reference, as well as explanations on each step of the algorithm. The treatment is also outlined in an algorithmic fashion as well as detailed in the text.

The book is eminently suitable for primary care physicians and emergency room or urgent care personnel, resident physicians in primary care fields, medical students and admirably serves those studying for the Boards, as well as allied health professionals, including ENT nurses and audiologists.


  • Andrew C. Miller, MD, Annals of Emergency Medicine (2010):
    "... An excellent clinical reference. Djalilian was spot on for his target audience of emergency, medical, pediatric, and family medicine physicians. It is a concise yet balanced text that is not overly bogged down by historical perspectives and pathophysiology."

  • Seema Pai, MD, MPH, Annals of Otology, Rhinology, & Laryngology (2011):
    "This pocket manual is a thoughtful, readable, and most importantly, clinically applicable to the field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. ...the text is well organized and comprehensive. ...useful for primary care and emergency medicine physicians, as well as junior residents and medical studentsm interested in otolaryngology."

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