100%® Concepts 2-Book Set

100%® Concepts 2-Book Set
Ages: 5-14
Grades: K-9

Teach concepts as they apply to the academic areas your students face each day. From basic to high-level concepts, students learn in ways that boost school performance.


Primary Book: Learn concepts related to following directions, grouping/association, math, and time

Intermediate Book: Learn concepts pertaining to location and direction; size, weight, and volume; quantity; time and occurrence; relationship; degree or extent; and truth, fact, and likelihood



· Concepts grouped by topic areas so you know how to focus instruction

· Each section includes suggestions for teaching each concept

· Communication with parents and caregivers is easy with ready-to-copy letters packed with ways to help at home

· Worksheet pages are fun and varied and include high interest activities like:

 pictures cut-and-paste activities timelines 

 barrier games hands-on activities riddles

 word puzzles cloze stories and poems categories

 jingles bulletin board ideas short answer 

 matching fill-in-the-blanks  

 maps charts and graphs  


· Minimal reading and writing is required for younger students
· Designed for one-on-one or classroom use 


Includes special features like:

 an index of all concepts answer key
 progress charts in each section family letters  

The Primary book includes over 100 concepts:

 42 following directions 29 math
 12 grouping/association 24 time  

The Intermediate book targets over 300 concepts in the areas of math, social studies, Earth science, geography, history, and language arts:

 58 location and direction -16 quantity
 37 size, weight, and volume -25 comparison
 74 quality or condition -15 relationship
 29 time and occurrence -38 degree or extent
 16 truth, fact, and likelihood  

Concepts are the foundation of strong vocabulary skills for school and life. Don’t let your students fall behind. These worksheets apply critical concepts to the curriculum so your students succeed. 

Also sold individually:

100% Concepts: Primary
100% Concepts: Intermediate

Copyright © 1997


Components: Primary: 157 pages, reproducible activities, answer key Intermediate: 174 pages, reproducible activities, answer key 

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