100%® Concepts: Intermediate

100%® Concepts: Intermediate

The 100% Series boost academic performance with:


  • a broad scope of skills
  • ready-to-use lessons
  • hierarchy of activities
  • lots of practice opportunities


100% Concepts Intermediate gives students practice in applying more than 200 concepts to classroom work.  All of the one-page lessons use curricular contexts.  The lessons are organized by topic area.  Each topic area includes teaching suggestions and a progress chart.  The topic areas and some of the concepts are:


  • Location and Direction—front/rear, near/distant, area/zone/territory, coast/shore, interior/exterior, and more
  • Size, Weight, and Volume—massive, deep/shallow, weight, area, volume, height, length, expand/contract, and more
  • Quantity—single/double/triple, odd/even, thousand, million, and more
  • Comparison—similarities/differences, equal, fewer/fewest, superlatives, and more
  • Quality or Condition—simple/complex, direct/indirect, solid/hollow, ancient/modern, mixed/pure, and more
  • Time and Occurrence—sometimes/always/commonly, whoever/whomever, daily/weekly/monthly/annually, and more
  • Relationship—alone/single/together, divided/joined/united, and more
  • Degree or Extent—partly, halfway, somewhat, generally, minor/major, mild/severe, common/uncommon, and more
  • Truth, Fact, and Likelihood—clearly, probably, possibly, incorrect, definite, and more


You may purchase 100% Concepts Intermediate individually or as part of the 100% Concepts 2-Book Set.




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174 pages, progress charts, answer key


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