100% Language Primary Book

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Benefits: This great book is full of ready-to-use activities to help your students master basic language skills.

The 100% Series boost language performance with:

  • a broad scope of skills
  • developmental hierarchy of activities
  • lots of content on every page

100% Language Primary helps students understand and use language more effectively. The lessons are organized into six language skill areas. Each skill area consists of 24 one-page activities with teaching suggestions, a progress chart, and a family letter. The skill areas and lessons within them are organized in developmental order. 

  • Reasoning - Answer wh- and yes/no questions and make predictions that require basic reasoning.  Visual supports are provided initially and then gradually fade away.
  • Sequencing - Learn the vocabulary of sequencing.  Improve patterning, following directions, and the sequencing of stories and events. 
  • Cause & Effect - After an introduction to cause and effect situations, students practice identifying and explaining cause and effect.
  • Problem Solving - Use language skills to identify, understand, solve, and avoid problems.
  • Opinions - Practice expressing opinions, preferences, and ideas.
  • Inferencing - Apply prior knowledge to new information and make a reasonable deduction.

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