50 Quick-Play Articulation Games - Book

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These engaging, ready-to-copy-and-play games keep your students motivated and save you time! 50 Quick-Play Articulation Games is just that: 50 quick, easy-to-play articulation games for 21 phonemes!


More than 50 games in one big book gives you lots of teaching options:

  • 50 game paths with the words printed on them
  • directions for 15 card games
  • reproducible, "make your own," stimulus cards for the card games have all of the sounds in initial, medial, and final positions
  • directions for 11 non-competitive games
  • generic fill-in game board
  • colour-in, motivational reinforcement page
  • adapt all of the games for word, phrase, or sentence level
  • reinforce all the consonant sounds and their blends
  • easily customize many of the games using your own stimulus items
  • play with one student or several students
  • great for take-home activities

Train articulation of these sounds:  

  • p,b,m
  • k,g
  • t,d
  • f,v
  • voiceless and voiced th
  • sh, ch, j
  • l, l-blends
  • r, r-blends
  • s/z
  • s-blends

We wanted to give you many games to play with your students, so along with the 50 game paths, we have included directions for 15 card games as well as directions for 11 non-competitive games.  As with the game paths, the card games and non-competitive games can be played with one student or several students.

In compiling the card game decks, we concentrated on curricular resources and words from everyday life.  Using the words your students need to know will better equip you in helping your students meet their curricular goals.  You can also use the card grids as is for drill, or copy them and send them home for practice.  They include cards for the initial, medial, and final positions of all sounds listed above in both single and multisyllable words. 

To create a 52-card deck, you'll need to copy one grid four times, or copy four different grids, depending on your students' needs.  Each card has a small circle in the corner.  Colour-code your cards by colouring the circles different colours.  For example, colour all of the circles on one grid red, the next grid blue, etc.  Then cut apart the cards.

In addition, we have included a generic game path for you to create your own game and a page with stars to use as a motivational, fun sheet for students to color as they practice their articulation.

Your students will have fun, and you'll enjoy the variety in 50 Quick-Play Articulation Games.


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