50 Quick-Play Listening Games

50 Quick-Play Listening Games

This book of 50 listening games gives you lots of teaching options:

  • reinforce many different skills
  • games at two difficulty levels for each skill
  • use the games for therapy, learning centers, and take-home activities
  • includes goal-driven stimuli for two to three players
  • customize many of the game boards with your own stimulus items

The games give students practice in a broad brush of listening skills that also reinforce reading comprehension: 

  • Phonological Awareness—rhyming for one- and two-syllable words
  • Concepts—25 spatial and attribute concepts
  • Riddles—three item and one-item clues
  • Absurdities—give logical answers to questions, identify illogical elements in sentences, and state absurdities
  • Associations—identify associated items and activities, make word associations
  • Following Directions—follow one-, two-, and three-step directions
  • Auditory Reception—differentiate true and false statements, answer questions
  • Emotions—identify and express emotions in sentences
  • Noun/Verb Agreement—noun/verb agreement with is/are, was/were, has/have, and does/do 
  • Verb Tenses—regular and irregular verbs in past and future tense
  • Details—identify and understand details in paragraph-length passages
  • Main Idea—identify categories, identify the main idea in informative passages
  • Story Comprehension—answer basic comprehension questions about stories
  • Exclusion—identify items that don't belong, answer exclusion questions
  • Predicting—choose the most likely prediction, predict what might happen next
  • Inferencing—infer who is speaking, the topic, and the location based on dialogue
  • Paraphrasing—identify same and different meanings, practice paraphrasing
  • Reasoning—explain why something is illogical, identify causes of events

The games are easy to set up and play. You will need different colored game tokens; dice; crayons, markers, or colored pencils; glue sticks; and game chips to play the games.  Distribute the games as printed, or color and laminate them for future use. 

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