50 Quick-Play Reasoning and Problem-Solving Games

50 Quick-Play Reasoning and Problem-Solving Games

Ages 6-12 years

This book of 50 games gives you many teaching options: 

  • reinforce a variety of skills
  • games at two difficulty levels for most skills
  • use the games for therapy, learning centers, and take-home activities
  • meaningful, goal-driven stimuli for two to three players
  • many of the game boards can be customized with your own stimulus items

Teach 24 problem-solving skills: 


Patterning Identifying Facts & Opinions
Comparing and Contrasting Stating Facts & Opinions
Describing Absurdities
Sequencing Analogies
Categorizing Giving Reasons
Categorical Exclusion Debating
Identifying True/False Statements Cause & Effect
Answering Wh- Questions Using Logic
Asking Questions Identifying Problems
Idioms Brainstorming Solutions
Predicting Identifying Resources
Drawing Conclusions Evaluating Solutions



Distribute the games as printed, or color and laminate them for future use.  You will need different colored game tokens; dice; coins; crayons, markers, or colored pencils; paper; scissors; glue sticks; game chips; and a timer to play some of the games.

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