A Coursebook on Scientific and Professional Writing for Speech-Language Pathology - Sixth Edition

M.N. Hegde
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M.N. Hegde

Details: 459 pages, B&W, Spiral, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-401-9

Publication Date: 14/10/2022

The only book that covers both scientific and clinical writing skills

for the field of speech-language pathology!

The only printed book on which the students can practice writing!

A Coursebook on Scientific and Professional Writing for Speech-Language Pathology, Sixth Edition is a unique interactive resource to help students develop the strong writing skills necessary for a successful clinical or academic career in speech-language pathology. The book not only describes the principles of good writing, but also contains numerous opportunities to practice writing skills replete with exemplars. The Coursebook is ideal for dedicated courses on scientific and/or professional writing, and can also be used in courses on assessment, research methods, and clinical methods and practicum.

The first section of the book is a refresher on the basic rules of grammar, punctuation, and composition. The second section is focused on scientific writing and explains the different types of academic publications, offers tips on how to write without bias, and describes the typical manuscript formatting required for scientific publications. It also includes examples of the “elements of scientific style,” such as capitalization and abbreviations, how to reference sources cited within the text, and how to prepare the reference list. Also covered are how to submit a manuscript to scholarly journals and best practices for proofreading and making revisions. The last section is focused on professional/clinical writing and the various written communications speech-language pathologists (SLPs) prepare as part of their jobs. These include diagnostic reports, brief and comprehensive treatment plans, and progress reports. The book ends with a section on report writing for SLPs working in public schools, including assessment reports, IEPs, and SOAP notes.

A unique and student-friendly feature of the book is its practical design. The first two sections provide incorrect exemplars the user can rewrite or write correctly. In the last section, left-hand pages show specific examples of general, scientific, or professional writing, and the corresponding right-hand pages allow students to practice writing.

Updates to the Scientific Writing section include:

The text incorporates APA 7th edition changes to reference citations and preparation of the reference list, along with updates on how to cite electronic sources. The bias-free writing section is updated and expanded to include appropriate terms and writing style to describe LGBTQ community members. A glossary is provided for easy reference. Information on how to submit content to academic journals and conferences, preparing electronic manuscripts, and making revisions in light of the copyeditor’s comments have been updated to current publishing industry standards.

Updates to the Professional Writing section include:

The text includes current clinical terminology and practice in speech-language pathology. A new trial-by-trial treatment progress recording sheet has been added to the progress report section. A subjective, objective, assessment, plan (SOAP) progress report written for medical settings has been added, along with a new section on report writing in public schools, which includes an assessment plan that helps determine whether a student meets the school district’s criteria for enrollment in clinical speech-language services.