A Guide to Vocational Assessment

A Guide to Vocational Assessment

Fifth Edition

This fifth edition of a Guide to Vocational Assessment acknowedges the changes in social and economic systems facing adults with disabilities. It suggests multiple evaluation approaches and insights that can be used to change the difficult to the possible and eventually to the probable.

While many chapters underscore the use of traditional evaluation approaches, other chapters operationalise vocational assessment as an individualised, creative, empowering, holistic process and experience of self-discovery. This edition's 15 chapters incorporate these issues, provide updated, expanded and new material, and emphasise that the process of evaluation should identify the consumer's career-related strengths and potential to acquire specific skills. A new chapter focuses exclusively on the transition-age student, a topic receiving increased attention in vocational rehabilitation.

The text includes an experiential workbook, intended for use with the text, which provides discussion questions and excercises. The Text's Appendix and CD-ROM contain forms that illustrate the information in Chapters 12 and 15 and include a Suggested Format for the Vocational Assessment Report as a reproducible PDF.


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