A Practical Guide to Laryngeal Framework Surgery

Sharat Mohan
Kate Young
Owen Judd

This comprehensive and detailed manual of laryngeal framework surgery provides practical guidance on a range of procedures, including medialization, lateralization, relaxing, tensing, laryngeal resizing and management issues in children. Comprehensive assessment, planning, surgical procedures and follow up are covered in detail.

Truly international in coverage and scope, the book feature contributions from world leaders in specialist centers around the world, including the UK, USA, India, Belgium and Australia, each of whom contributes to an essential work for clinicians and students, offering expert surgical guidance, helpful hints and tips -all complemented by clear illustrations and photographic images in a stepwise approach.

A companion DVD will also be available, providing live surgical procedures, voice assessment methods, before and after treatment stroboscopy findings, and useful pearls of wisdom to enhance your practice in this field.

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