Artic To Go

Artic To Go

Ages 4-9 years

The activities target sounds in the initial and final position of words and are organized into these units:  

  • /k/, /g/
  • /l/, /l/ blends
  • /s/, /z/, /s/ blends, /z/ blends
  • /r/, /r/ blends
  • sh, ch, j

The tasks in each unit are developmentally organized.  Students progress from auditory discrimination, to producing the sounds in isolation, in single words, then phrases, and sentences.  The one-page worksheets require an oral response from students along with coloring, cutting, matching, or drawing activities.  All of the activities reinforce a language skill area including:

  • rhyming
  • attributes
  • functions
  • plurals
  • analogies
  • negatives
  • categorization
  • exclusion
  • sequencing
  • absurdities
  • wh- questions

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