Assessing Middle Ear Function in Infants

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Joseph Kei and Fei Zhao


Although there are abundant books which describe the anatomy and physiology of hearing for adults, they do not provide adequate information about the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system of young infants under the age of seven months. This unique book provides an up-to-date reference source for university students, clinicians, researchers and policymakers concerned with the field of middle ear assessment. By drawing on the knowledge and expertise of experts from various countries, not only at the research level but also at the clinical level, this text represents as the only book that details the entire collection of audiological tests of middle ear function for young infants.

Brought to you by two leading academics in the field of paediatric diagnostic audiology, it is written for audiology students to learn about the topic in great depth. It is also written to provide sufficient detail so as to be relevant to the broadly educated and experienced reader (such as researchers and clinicians). Coverage includes information from an international level and includes an extensive glossary of terms.


  • Dr. Rob Low, Head of Audiology, Brighton RSCH, UK, ENT & Audiology News (March/April 2014):
    "This book fills a significant void in the literature. There are essential texts for each area of clinical work which should be on every departmental bookshelf, and Assessing Middle Ear Function in Infants joins that list. The editors invited expert contributors from around the world to review current research literature. These reviews are comprehensive, relevant and robust. The book is excellent value for money, particularly when were you to compare with the cost of conducting research of the literature yourself."


Details: 200 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 7 x 10"
ISBN13: 978-1-59756-391-8
Release Date: 30/11/2011
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