Autism and PDD: Categories - 5 Book Set

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Autism and PDD: Categories - 5 Book Set Ages: 3 - 7 Years

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention including those with autism and developmental delays.  Use the books in your circle time or for individual work.  The age-appropriate artwork is uncluttered.  The stickers are stored in the book and keep their cling with a wipe of a damp cloth.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine categories.

    • Buddy Bear in the House
      Buddy Bear is in his house.
      He has a book.
      He has a newspaper too.
      These are things Buddy Bear reads.
      Additional categories: food, money, school supplies, summer clothes, winter clothes, hiking equipment, Halloween costume, chores


    • Buddy Bear in the Kitchen
      Buddy Bear is in the kitchen.
      He has a cup.
      He has a plate too.
      These are Buddy Bear's dishes.
      Additional categories: silverware, breakfast, snacks, fruit, vegetables, desserts, drinks, flavors


    • Buddy Bear Plays
      Buddy Bear likes to play.
      He plays with a truck.
      He plays with a puzzle too.
      These are Buddy Bear's toys.
      Additional categories: musical instruments, pets, games, art supplies, things you ride, bath toys, sports equipment, friends


    • Buddy Bear on Vacation
      Buddy Bear is going on vacation.
      He packs a suitcase.
      He packs a duffel bag too.
      This is Buddy Bear's luggage.
      Additional categories: things on an airplane, desert, beach, woods, jungle, farm, ocean, mail


    • Buddy Bear In the Yard
      Buddy Bear is in his yard.
      He sees a bush.
      He sees a tree too.
      These are plants in Buddy Bear's yard.
      Additional categories: things in the sky, tools, insects, animals, playground equipment, garden tools, birds, flowers


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