Autism and PDD: Opposites - 5 Book Set

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Autism and PDD: Opposites - 5 Book Set Ages: 6 - 18 Years

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention including those with autism and developmental delays.  Use the books in your circle time or for individual work.

The age-appropriate artwork is uncluttered.  The stickers are stored in the book and keep their cling with a wipe of a damp cloth.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine opposite concepts.

      • Buddy Bear's Clothes
        Buddy Bear has a blue shirt.
        The blue shirt is dirty.
        Buddy Bear has a purple shirt.
        The purple shirt is clean.
        Additional opposites: same/different, tied/untied, on/off, old/new, plain/fancy, apart/together, narrow/wide, small/big

      • Buddy Bear's Animals
        Buddy Bear sees a bird.
        The bird is up in a tree.
        Buddy Bear sees a puppy.
        The puppy is down on the ground.
        Additional opposites: small/large, far away/near, tame/wild, under/over, behind/in front, long/short, in/out, morning/night

      • Buddy Bear's Toys
        Buddy Bear plays with his airplane.
        The airplane is fast.
        Buddy Bear plays with his sailboat.
        The sailboat is slow.
        Additional opposites: beginning/end, soft/hard, white/black, thin/fat, loud/quiet, wet/dry, curved/straight, messy/neat

      • Buddy Bear's Food
        Buddy Bear likes to eat.
        He eats a lollipop.
        The lollipop is sweet.
        Buddy Bear eats a lemon.
        The lemon is sour.
        Additional opposites: smooth/lumpy, hot/cold, thick/thin, cooked/raw, chewy/crunch, empty/full, little/big, whole/half

      • Buddy Bear and Bonnie Bear
        Buddy Bear builds a tower.
        His tower is short.
        Bonnie Bear builds a tower.
        Her tower is tall.
        Additional opposites: boy/girl, front/back, closed/open, awake/asleep, top/bottom, hard/easy, straight/crooked, lot of/few

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