Autism and PDD - Photo Cards Wh- Questions

Autism and PDD

Photo Cards Wh- Questions


· Ages: 3-11

· Grades: PreK-6


Teach early question asking and answering skills with these full-colour photo cards. Uncluttered backgrounds and real-life photos help children focus on critical components.


The set includes 30 cards for each of these question forms:

lWho?            lWhat have?       lWhat doing?    

lWhat have + what?                   lWhere?

lWhen?         lWhy?                   lHow?


240 5" X 7" double-sided, full-colour, coated picture/stimuli cards; 8 instructor cards


05002...Autism and PDD: Photo Cards - Wh– Questions

06007...Autism and PDD: Photos - Wh– Questions Interactive Software

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