Autism and PDD - Picture Stories and Language Activities

Autism and PDD

Picture Stories and Language Activities Books and Interactive Software
Patricia Snair Koski


· Ages: 3 - 8 years


The Books

These sequence picture stories focus on simple, easy-to-follow elements. The repetition, structure, and routine make this a great program for students with autism, PDD, or delayed language development.


It's a field-tested program that works! Your students will:

· describe a simple story using 4 large, colourful picture cards

· predict, retell and sequence events in the story

· match large-print sentence strips to the pictures

· answer yes/no and wh- questions with printed flash cards

· act out each story to demonstrate comprehension


Each program includes: 32 21cm x 28cm colour illustrated story cards (8 stories per program, 4 cards per story); 9 perforated sheets with large-print sentence strip cards and question flash cards; 16-page manual with stories and instructions for activities



The Interactive Software

Matt and Molly are the stars of this new software program. Each of the five printed programs is organised for you on one handy CD with almost 900 total stimulus items. Students hear the narrated story with the colourful illustrations and then choose from these activities:

· Answering yes/no questions about the story

· Answering wh- and how questions about the story

· Identifying vocabulary used in the story

· Matching text to the pictures of the story

· Sequencing the pictures of the story


Delightful, musical reinforcers let your students know they’ve selected the correct answer. When incorrect, the correct response is highlighted so students can see their error. Watch language, vocabulary, and literacy skills improve with this creative, affordable software.


CD-ROM, instructions


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