Basic Math Practice COMBO (All 6 Books)

Kristine Lindsay
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Reading Level: 2 - 4

Interest Level: 1 - 10


Basic Math Practice Series combines reproducible books, assessments, and warm-ups in a convenient set to reinforce basic math concepts and provide daily math practice of specific skills. An excellent tool to help struggling learners and students with learning differences, each format provides multiple opportunities for hands-on practice and application of skills with the assessments providing skills progress.

The Basic Math Practice Series Books

Each book includes 100+ reproducible activity sheets, teaching instructions, and real-world problems. The illustrated worksheets are designed with a manageable number of problems per sheet, allowing the focus to be on understanding and mastering each skill. Activities are appropriate for students of varying ability levels. The activities are appropriate for students of varying ability levels and learning styles.

Basic Math Practice: Number Concepts features a unit for each of the following: shapes, patterns, counting, greater than and less than, one-to-one correspondence, place value, and ordinal numbers. Number Concepts contains over 160 activity sheets.

Basic Math Practice: Number Operations features a unit for each basic number operation. Units for addition and subtraction range from basic facts to regrouping three-digit numbers; multiplication and division contains problems that teach basic facts. Number Operations includes over 190 activity sheets.

Basic Math Practice: Measurement covers customary linear measurement, weight, capacity, time, and temperature. Activities with many visual aids address nonstandard and standard units of measure and address relationships between units. Measurement contains over 170 activity sheets.

Basic Math Practice: Tables, Graphs, and Charts covers sorting; tables; bar, line, and circle graphs; pictographs; and charts. Tables, Graphs, and Charts contains over 140 reproducible activity sheets, and blackline masters of tables, graphs, and charts are provided to allow the teacher to extend or reinforce concepts.

Basic Math Practice: Rounding, Reasonableness, and Estimation covers rounding whole numbers and money; reasonableness to find an appropriate solution, unit of measure, or monetary amount; and estimation of solutions, measurements, and monetary amounts. Rounding, Reasonableness, and Estimation includes over 100 activity sheets.

Basic Math Practice: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents covers adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions (simple, mixed, and improper), decimals (numbers and monetary amounts), and percents (0-100%). Most activity sheets include rules, explanations, and examples to aid in students' understanding. Fractions, Decimals, and Percents contains over 225 activity sheets.