Bedside Evaluation Screening Test (BEST-2)

Bedside Evaluation Screening Test (BEST-2)

Second Edition


Assess and quantify language disorders in adults resulting from aphasia. Speech-­language pathologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, and physicians will like this highly efficient and effective tool for assessing communicative modalities. Administer BEST­2 at bedside (or almost anywhere) in 20 minutes or less. Though it’s quick to administer, the BEST­2 provides as much data and clinical information as longer evaluations.


Using this test, you will obtain sufficient clinical information to set treatment goals and objectives. You’ll find the test invaluable for evaluating both high- and low-level patients. The BEST­2 has been updated and redesigned to provide the busy clinician with an efficient and effective testing instrument for assessing aphasia.


BEST­2 has preserved those features clinicians have found useful, and added features that will create clinical superiority. BEST­2 assesses language competency in three communicative modalities: Auditory comprehension, Speaking, and Reading.


BEST­2 was completely renormed in 1996 on nearly 200 aphasic adults in hospitals in the United States. Norms are provided for patients less than 75 years old, and for 75+ years. Test reliability, investigated by the coefficient alpha, is high (reliability coefficients of .93 to .99 were obtained for all subtests) and warrants the use of the test on aphasic adults. Content and construct validity have been studied extensively through item analysis, professional review, and factorial analysis, the results of which indicate that the BEST­2 can be used with confidence.


COMPLETE BEST-2 KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 Record Forms, and pad of 25 Profile/Summary Sheets, all in a sturdy storage box. (1998)


8500...BEST-2 Complete Kit      
8501...BEST-2 Examiner’s Manual  
8502...BEST-2 Picture Book
8503...BEST-2 Record Forms (25)  

8504...BEST-2 Profile/Summary Sheet (25)