Boston Assessment of Severe Aphasia (BASA)

Boston Assessment of Severe Aphasia (BASA)


· Ages: No age range

· Testing Time: 30 to 40 minutes

· Administration: Individual


This aphasia test is designed to be given to poststroke cases soon after the onset of symptoms, preferably at bedside. It can be given long before most other assessments are appropriate. The BASA probes the spared language abilities of persons with severe aphasia and provides diagnostic information needed for immediate treatment. The 61 items measure a wide variety of tasks and modalities, including auditory comprehension, bucco-facial or limb praxis, gesture recognition, oral and gestural expression, reading comprehension, writing, and visual-­spatial tasks. Both gestural and verbal responses to the items are scored, and refusals, affective responses, and perseverative responses also are recorded. Gestural and verbal responses may be scored in combination or separately, and both scores may be expressed as fully or partially communicative.


COMPLETE BASA KIT INCLUDES: Examiner¹s Manual, Custom Clipboard, Manipulatives, Stimulus Cards, and 25 Record Forms, all in a storage box. (©1989)


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8956...BASA Manual
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