Broadening the Circle: The Formative Years and the Future of the Voice Foundation

Martha Howe
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Details:  156 pages.  Paperback. Color illustrations. 254x178mm (8½ x 11”)

ISBN: 978-1-909082-50-2.

Release Date: June 2015.



Broadening the Circle is more than a celebration and history of The Voice Foundation: indeed, it might be argued that it is, truly, the 'state of the art’ (and the science!).

Here is a fascinating and illuminating chronicle of the development of the science and art of voice, told by the scientists, teachers, speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, and voice performers who have influenced - and continue to influence - this still-new and developing science built around the complexities of the human voice. This book serves as something of a reality check. There is practical information about breathing, resonance, and belting, along with a detailed list of what needs to be clarified or studied further in the lab.

The discipline as we now know it is so young and there is so much unknown, that even those professionals that have been teaching and researching, in some cases for many decades, have barely begun to scratch the surface: they are still pioneers. It is truly exciting how open this field is. These next decades offer so much in the way of opportunity and advancement, and there can be no doubt that The Voice Foundation will be at the forefront in promoting and leading the field.


Raison d’Etre and Acknowledgements

Abbreviations and Full Names

  1. Provenance
  2. War of the Words
  3. Early Days

Back-Stories: R. J. Baken, Lucille Rubin, Cynthia Hoffmann, John A. Haskell

  1. Master of Mindfulness
  2. Ripple Effect

Back-Stories: Katherine Ardo, C. Richard Stasney, Gwen Korovin, Ingo Titze, John Rubin

  1. Fiberoptics – Getting Behind the Curtain
  2. The Art of Laryngology…
  3. … A Surgical Specialty

Back-Stories: Robert T. Sataloff, Linda M. Carroll, William Riley, Mary Hawkshaw

  1. Educating Each Other
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Balance of Culture and Science

Back-Stories: Johan Sundberg, Raymond H. Colton, Harvey M. Tucker, Ronald C. Scherer

  1. Seeing Sound
  2. Greater Resolution and Precision
  3. Exploring Beyond Habit

Back-Stories: Bonnie Raphael, Mara Behlau, Harolyn Blackwell, Christine Sapienza

  1. Breath – There Be Dragons
  2. In the Trenches

Back-Stories: Michael Benninger, Jeannette LoVetri, Peak Woo

  1. To-do List
  2. Outside the Box
  3. Broadening the Circle


2015 Board of Directors

2015 Advisory Board

VERA Award Recipients

Sackler, Gould, Randall and Hamdan Award Recipients

Honored Symposium Master Class Teachers

G. Paul Moore Lecturers

Quintana and Sataloff Award Recipients

Van L. Lawrence Fellowship Recipients

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