Building Blocks of Language Stories 7-Book Set

Ages: 1-5

Develop a strong language foundation and early literacy skills by reading these adorable picture-word books to your youngest clients.

Building Blocks of Language Stories are natural teaching tools for your youngest clients. The books are arranged in a well-researched, developmental skill hierarchy so you can confidently match them to your client's developmental level.

It's easy to show parents and caregivers how to use the books to facilitate language development. The stories are easy and fun to embellish, exaggerate, and read with lots of inflection to keep your little one focused on learning. The 7-book set includes:

  • Animal Sounds—children learn 10 animal names and sounds they make, an important reading readiness and language skill.
  • Body Parts—your student learns to identify and name common body parts. They also develop early number sense by associating a number with each body part.
  • Early Rhyming—use common, functional vocabulary items in simple, fun-to-learn rhymes. Your child will learn to identify the rhyming patterns, an important literacy and reading readiness skill.
  • Colors & Counting to 5—use common vocabulary to teach color and counting concepts important for school readiness.
  • Object Function—teach your student how to use common objects appropriately.
  • Emotions–introduce your student to basic emotions using everyday experiences.
  • Present Progressive –ing—teach youngsters the crucial skill of understanding and expressing present progressive tense. The simple illustrations of ordinary play and daily living activities are perfect for developing this skill.

Use Building Blocks of Language Stories as the cornerstone for your therapy sessions. You can expand language, develop symbolic play and early sequencing skills, increase attention span, and so much more!

COMPETE 7-Book Set: each board book 14, 5¼" x 6¼" coated pages. (©2013)