Central Auditory Processing Kit

Ages: 6-14
Grades: 1-9

Simplify the multiple aspects of remediating central auditory processing disorders with this expansive hierarchy of ready-to-use exercises.

This three-book program targets central auditory processing disorders with a bottom-up approach. Discrete skills are developed at levels of increasing complexity. The lesson formats vary according to the targeted skill. Most of the lessons are ready-to-use. Copy the student activity pages or print them from the CD.

Book 1

  • Visual-auditory memory—visualize and pay attention to details; includes full-color cards for use in barrier activities
  • Auditory-sequential memory—immediate vs. delayed recall, following directions, matching rhythms

Book 2

  • Auditory discrimination—discriminate sounds in words and sentences, voiced/voiceless sounds in words, and the position of sounds in words
  • Auditory closure exercises in four areas—identify missing words, missing syllables, and missing phonemes; use context to derive word meaning
  • Auditory synthesis exercises—identify the number of syllables and initial sounds in words, combine sounds segments into words, build speech-to-print associations

Book 3

  • Auditory figure-ground exercises—follow directions, complete seatwork, maintain conversations, and follow lectures in varying levels of noise
  • Auditory cohesion exercises—identify key words in messages
  • Auditory binaural integration exercises—sing familiar songs, draw to directions, and work with opposites
  • Maximize gains with compensatory strategies and environmental management

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 3, 180-page books plus a CD of reproducible pages; 14 illustrated cards; 1 card depicting a phone key pad; plastic carrying bag. (©1999)

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