Click and Create Articulation Board Games Software

Click and Create Articulation Board Games Software

Make attractive, printable game boards with these easy steps:

  • Decide how many spaces your game board will be (10 or 20 spaces).
  • Select target words from the 4,000+ words and images in the database or add your own.   
  • Choose from 36 board designs (10-space templates and 20-space templates) and 200 ready-to-print game boards.
  • Customize the stimuli by selecting pictures only, words only, or words and pictures.
  • Print the game board and save it (on your computer) for future use. 

Adapt the game boards further by:

  • adding a personalized title
  • adding words familiar and important to the student (e.g., names of family and friends, familiar places)
  • changing the order of the target words on the game board
  • adding pre-written directions to game boards or writing your own

All of the consonant sounds, consonant blends, and digraphs are represented in the database and are coded by sound, position, and number of syllables. 

The ability to create an infinite number of economical game boards gives you many options: 

  • send printed, personalized game boards home with students
  • give each child in a therapy group his own game board that targets his individual goal
  • use a different board template for every therapy session

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