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Click and Create Vocabulary Game Boards Software Students with vocabulary deficits need direct instruction. Without it, the gap between them and their normally-developing peers widens.

Make attractive, printable game boards with these easy steps:

  1. Decide how many spaces your game board will be (10 or 20 spaces).
  2. Select the target words from the 4,000+ words and images in the database or add your own.
  3. Choose from 41 different designs (10-space templates, 20-space templates, and bingo templates) and over 300 ready-to-print game boards.
  4. Customize the stimuli by selecting pictures only, words only, or words and pictures.
  5. Print the game board and save it (on your computer) for future use.

Vocabulary words in the program database are divided into 20 major categories and 80 subcategories.  Each subcategory contains at least 25 nouns, 10 verbs, and 10 describing words.  About 70% of the words in the database are from the curriculum.  You can also add your own words to the database.

The 20 major categories and their subcategories are:

  • About Me: body parts, health & hygiene, diseases & illnesses
  • Animals: farm, jungle, forest, water
  • Clothing & Accessories: general, seasonal, accessories, personal items
  • Emotions & Feelings: positive and negative emotions and feelings
  • Fine Arts: music, dance, visual art, theatre
  • Food 1: fruits, vegetables, meats/fish, starches
  • Food 2: beverages, breakfast, lunch/dinner
  • Food 3: snacks, desserts, accessories
  • Household: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, household items
  • Language Arts: reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Manners: for home, school, public places, health-related
  • Math: terms, time and calendar, money, measurement
  • Occupations: business, government, health and science, community, arts
  • Places: city, country, neighborhood, dwellings
  • Science & Technology: earth and space, life science, physical science, technology
  • Seasons & Holidays: spring, summer, fall, winter
  • Social Studies: geography, culture, government, economics
  • Sports: football, baseball, basketball, soccer
  • Toys & Recreation: indoor toys, outdoor toys, recreation, special events
  • Transportation: air, water, land

Adapt the game boards further by:

  • adding a personalized title
  • adding words important to the student (e.g., familiar places, reading vocabulary, favorite topics)
  • using curricular words to reinforce classroom learning
  • changing the order of the target words on the game board
  • adding pre-written directions to game boards or writing your own

The ability to create an infinite number of economical game boards gives unique therapy options:

  • send printed, personalized game boards home with students
  • give each child in a therapy group his own game board that targets his individual goal
  • use a different board template for every therapy session
  • teach synonyms, antonyms, describing attributes, categorizing, defining, associations, and multiple meanings

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