Craft of Singing

  • Author is world-renowned as a professor of singing and as Conductor Emeritus of the Summit Chorale
  • Designed to be eminently practical but melds the sciences of the anatomical, medical and acoustic to help singers develop and hone their skills.


"Mr. Nair offers a direct, detailed but prosaically economical approach that is particularly useful in class voice situations as well as in teaching young singers. His concise expositions of basic vocal pedagogy with immediate practical application are unique in the field." Joseph Evans, Professor of Voice, University of Houston, Moores School of Music

Drawing from his many years of private lessons and choral work, Garyth Nair, an experienced faculty member and Music Director and Conductor Emeritus of the Summit Chorale, has two goals in this book:

  • To provide a foundation of anatomical, physiological, acoustical and medical knowledge for students in the belief that one must know how something works before one can alter or repair it.
  • To carefully structure the learning of the foundational vocal skills necessary for real future development of each student's technique past the end of the course.

Borrowing from voice science but staying firmly centered in the studio or classroom, the text helps the reader with a raw vocal ability understand the function and care of their vocal instrument. In the second part, the book begins a carefully graduated approach to cement into place good singing habits. Three songs, comprising works in Italian, English and German, are used to produce exemplary vowels and consonants and wonderful songs. The student receives the author's special advice and suggestions.


  • Debra Greschner, Journal of Singing (2008):
    "...A textbook that can be used by students throughout their entire undergraduate career.... Applied teachers (especially those who direct voice majors or minor in a class setting) and voice pedagogy instructors are recommended to investigate this text for their students."