Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine

Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine

Nonoperative Orthopaedic Medicine and Manual Therapy

Dos Winkel, Geert Aufdemkampe, Omer Matthijs, Onno G. Meijer, and Valerie Phelps

This inclusive book offers a practical overview of the most common spinal pathologies and manual therapy treatment approaches for the physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor. From the sacroiliac joint to the temporomandibular joint, functional anatomy, examination and diagnostic procedures, and treatment approaches are covered in great depth. Hundreds of detailed illustrations and photographs of techniques and procedures are also included.



1. Surface Anatomy of the Spinal Column

2. General Aspects of Examination and Treatment

3. Sacroiliac Joint

4. Lumbar Spine

5. Thoracic Spine

6. Cervical Spine

7. Temporomandibular Joint

8. Innervation of the Spinal Column and Its Related Structures

9. Kinematics of the Spinal Column

10. Stability of the Spinal Column

11. Imaging Techniques of the Spinal Column

12. Prevention of Back and Neck Pain by Improving Posture

13. Mobilization of the Spinal Column

14. Research on Effectiveness of Manual Therapy for the Spinal Column

15. Research on Effectiveness of Traction of the Spinal Column

16. Exercise Therapy in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

17. Integrative Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment Appendices


968 pages, 1996

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