Differential Scales of Social Maladjustment and Emotional Disturbance (DSSMED)

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Ages: 6-0 to 17-11
Testing Time: 5-10 minutes
Administration: Individual

The Differential Scales of Social Maladjustment and Emotional Disturbance (DSSMED),is a 46-item, norm-referenced teachers’ rating scale that can be used to identify students with socio-emotional disturbance. The DSSMED is used primarily to differentiate between students with social maladjustment and those with emotional disturbance. The DSSMED is normed on a national sample of 1,337 students and has proven reliability and validity.

Teachers, school psychologists, or other knowledgeable professionals rate the items on a 5-point Likert-like scale. Ideally, the examiner should be someone who has had regular, daily contact with the student in a school setting for at least four weeks. It takes approximately 10 minutes to rate a student’s observed emotional behavior. Results of the DSSMED can be used as part of a pre-referral/referral tool to identify “at risk” students and to assist with education programming decisions.

COMPLETE DSSMED KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, 25 Summary/Rating Forms, and 25 Scoring Overlays, all in a sturdy storage box.