Apraxia and Dysarthria Treatment Manual

Dysarthria Treatment Manual

Beth Kaufman-Katz


This practical manual emphasises self-monitoring and self-reliance. Dozens of exercises will keep your clients' progress on track. It begins with an introduction to dysarthria: its definitions, types, etiology, prognosis, principles of therapy, and treatment goals. Client and family handouts provide education, and a simple communication board helps people through the rough spots. Creative exercises - many appropriate for home programs - present intriguing characters and situations as they address:

l oral-motor exercises                 l resonance

l phonation                                   l relaxation

l respiration                                  l prosody

l intelligibility in utterances of increasing length and complexity

l articulation in CVC syllables, minimal pairs, phrases, and sentences 

Advanced exercises feature the author's fabulous phonemic menus, e.g. Maddy's Pub (bilabials) and Yogi's Rib House (glides and glottals). This reproducible resource is a must for any clinician working with clients with dysarthria.


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