Early Social Behavior Books

Early Social Behavior Books

Nita Everly


Ages: 3 - 6 Years


Children succeed best when they feel empowered. This field-tested developmentally-appropriate approach to building early social behaviour skills empowers children to take control of their own bodies and teaches them strategies for managing their own behaviour.


A must-have for any preschool or early intervention program, these books are appropriate for youngsters with ADHD, autism, Asperger’s PDD, and other developmental delays. The interactive text uses a humorous and repetitive question/answer format so that after several readings the children will excitedly anticipate the correct responses and begin to shout them out.


Delightful animal characters engage young learners and help you teach:

·  whole body listening skills

·  expressing needs and wants with words

·  using appropriate volume and tone

·  how to be a good friend

·  turn-taking skills

·  importance of sharing

·  identifying emotions

·  being polite


Above all, you’ll improve your student’s self-esteem as they realise they can control their bodies and behaviour with the strategies these books teach. Each book also includes teaching instructions, lesson tips, and suggested follow-up activities.


Each book: 14 full-colour, coated pages; teaching instructions; suggested follow-up activities


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