Educating Students with Autism: A Quick Start Manual

Educating Students with Autism: A Quick Start Manual

Succinct and organised, this “quick start” manual provides immediate, practical assistance about how to plan, organise, implement, coordinate, and monitor an educational program. It is written for teachers, administrators, related service personnel, parents, and persons who are responsible for teaching children and youth with autism and cognitive delays. Many of its recommended strategies may also be adapted for those with Asperger’s Syndrome or High Functioning Autism (HFA). This book has 16 informative chapters — complete with examples, forms, and sample materials; four appendices; and a glossary of terms.

Features include:

l   At-A-Glance — concise lists, brief descriptions, examples, or other material to illustrate concepts and skills described in the text.

l            Focus Here — in-depth coverage of concepts introduced in the text. These include detailed instructions or guidelines for using various techniques presented in the text, explanations of concepts, descriptions of programs, or other material that provides readers with more specific information about the skills and concepts presented in the text.

l   Figures — offers many examples of the forms used for teaching students with autism, assessment, progress monitoring, and other teaching needs.

l            Resources — lists of materials, programs, support services, organisations, and other information that is helpful for teachers and others who are responsible for educational planning for students with autism.

416 pages • © 2008 • 8.5 x 11 • softcover   

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