Executive Function Training Elementary

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Ages: 6-11
Grades: 1-6

Focus on executive function skills in the early elementary years and help students reach their potential. These fun, functional activities teach students to plan, execute, complete, and monitor tasks.

Children with adaptive and self-regulatory behavioral deficits may have impairments in executive functions. Executive Functions Training–Elementary develops cognitive abilities and behavior control with classroom-related activities for varying ability levels. The activities are organized into five skill areas:

  • Working Memory: chunking and rehearsing, linking and associations, acronyms and silly sentences, paraphrasing, and visualizing
  • Time Management: estimating time, planning for homework and long-term assignments, studying for tests
  • Planning & Organization: brainstorming, organizing notes and information, reading with a purpose, writing efficiently
  • Flexible Thinking: reorder sentence, rewrite sentences and paragraphs, homographs, intonation and stress
  • Self-Monitoring: checking for mistakes, editing written work, identifying key words in directions, combining information
  • Skills for Behavior–Doing: strategies for inhibition, emotional control, attention, and initiation

Much more than activities, this resource gives clinicians tools to measure and establish executive function skills. Each skill area contains:

  • detailed teaching instructions
  • activities organized into sub-skills
  • exercises for varying ability levels
  • goals
  • teaching strategies
  • a section review with guidelines for skill mastery
  • extension activities
  • parent strategies
  • teacher strategies

Copy the student activity pages or print them from the FREE CD. The book has extra helps to engage students, professionals, and parents in the establishment of the new skills:

  • Student Rating Scale
  • Parent/Teacher Rating Scale
  • Student Questionnaire
  • Teacher Questionnaire
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • profile of strengths and weaknesses for each skill area
  • activity logs
  • visual organizers
  • schedule planners

COMPLETE PRODUCT INCLUDES: 198-page 8.5 x 11 softcover book plus ONLINE reproducible pages, Rating Scales, Questionnaires, and answer key. (©2011)

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